Mick Burke


Mick Burke 


Like many other coaches at Nottingham Portland SC, I joined the coaching team a short while after my own children began swimming at the Club.

I started out as a helper many years ago, embarked upon Level 1 Swim Teacher training, completed various other coaching and skills courses and qualified at Level 2 in 2001.

For quite a while I was the Committee Chair and for around 10 years I held the post of Head Coach. When I stepped down from that role, I continued to coach on a weekly basis.

Changes in work patterns eventually resulted in a break from regular coaching, though I carried on helping out now and then, despite my own children having grown up.

However, I have now got back into the swing of things with the diving courses that I’ve been running since January for the Club’s younger swimmers and have found my return to more frequent coaching really enjoyable.

I understand the improved diving is bearing fruit at the inter-club galas, especially for our 8 and 9 year old relay swimmers, so I’m really pleased.



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