Photos – County Championships 2015


On the last day of the County Championships, it was packed! Swimmers were everywhere, parents were standing several rows deep behind the full seating gallery. But the fantastic racing made it worth it!

Here are a few photo memories …

NCC2015 prog

 NCC2015 crowds2 

NCC2015 crowds


ncc G12u

ncc G12u2

ncc Go  ncc G14uMed

ncc G14uMed2 ncc G14uMedback ncc G14uMed3 ncc G14uMedfly ncc G14uMedfr ncc B14u  NCC2015 boyfr NCC2015 cheer2ncc G16u ncc G16u2 ncc G16umed1 ncc G16umed2 ncc G16umed3 NCC2015fr2ncc G16umed4 NCC2015 chillncc GOpen ncc GOpen2 ncc GOpen3 ncc GOpen4  ncc BOpen ncc BOpen2 ncc BOpen3 ncc BOpen4 ncc BOpen5 ncc BOpen6 ncc BOpMed ncc BOpMed2 ncc BOpMed3 ncc BOpMed4 

ncc group



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