Morrisons Bag Pack 2016



10am to 4pm on 9th January, Portland swimmers and families turned out in force on a busy Saturday at Morrisons in Gamston in a bid to to raise funds for the Club.

They gave up a chunk of their weekend to help shoppers pack their bags in the hope that the people of Gamston and beyond would donate money to help pay for training courses for Portland coaches.

Our swimmers were friendly, courteous and great representatives of the Club. The shopping public thought so too and were generous with their appreciation.

The total amount raised on the day was:


An absolutely amazing figure! THANK YOU Morrison shoppers! We are very grateful.

Coaches are the lifeblood of our swimming club; they keep our swimmers swimming. This huge sum will cover the cost of training two new Level 1 coaches or one Level 2 coach.

A gigantic THANK YOU to all the swimmers who worked hard in Morrisons, assisting shoppers and handing out information slips about our Club during the day.


Adam, Angelina G, Anna, Austin, Ava, Bea, Beth, Charlotte, Chelsea, Chloe, Connor, Dahlia, Edward, Ellen, Emma H, Emma W, Erin, Finlay, Fran, Fraser, Freya, Gaby, Isabella, Isabelle, Jess, Judd, Kate, Kathy, Lucian, Lucy T, Lucy W, Maddie, Matthew, Mia, Michael, Millie, Rebecca, Rose, Rowyn, Ruby, Stanley, Tilly and Will.

These swimmers, their friends and families were fantastic – it was not an easy job to stand at the checkout asking members of the public if they wanted help, especially when they said `no‘! But they did a magnificent job and raised a huge sum of money! Well done and once again, thank you!

Log in to Swimmers’ Corner to see photos from the day.

Thank you too to parents who stayed to help.

Thanks especially to Isabel and Paul who organized and co-ordinated the whole thing!




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