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Lammas LC


In the bright glow of Lammas Pool, the mood felt mellow for the final round of this year’s Sports Centre League.

Relaxed though we were however, we were here for some action!

Here goes …




  • Michael kicked off the racing with a 100m IM so good that `IM’ must surely be short for `impressive’, swiftly following up with 2nd place in 100m breaststroke.
  • Alice & Liam were in fine sprinting form with sterling performances in the 9/U and Cannon relays.
  • At the other end of the age groups, Andrew accomplished great sprint finishes all night, coming home 2nd in 100m breaststroke and ensuring an exciting climax to the Boys 15/Open medley relay.
  • Angelina got a 1.5 second PB in her `now that’s how you finish!’ 100m freestyle and magnificent 5 second PB in 100m breaststroke.
  • Dahlia demonstrated a super-strong 50m butterfly to take 2nd place.
  • Edward did a star turn with a fantastic 3, 2, 1 countdown of finishing places in 100m backstroke, breaststroke (3s PB) and freestyle, which he lead all the way. Edward, you stormed it!
  • Sister, Ellen, also had good swims and PB’d in 100m breaststroke.
  • Gabriel, as always, pushed the Portland motto to the limits – getting out of the water following his 50m butterfly, we all knew he really couldn’t have done any better!
  • Gaby produced strong swims to achieve 2nd in 50m backstroke and a fabulous 1st in 50m Butterfly.
  • Luke got a PB with a well streamlined start in 50m freestyle.
  • Rebecca reacted to the last-minute bombshell that she’d be doing the Open 100m butterfly (WHAT?!) by doing great underwater work and knocking 3 seconds off her previous best.
  • Stanley dug deep for a tremendous last 5 metres in 50m butterfly to get a PB and touch 2nd, then produced a flaming good flip turn in 100m IM for another PB.
  • Tarun swam a super smooth 100m backstroke and obtained a PB.

Other noteworthy mentions were Emma’s pacey last breaststroke length, Lucy’s determined `no breath’ relay swims, Dan’s two 2nd places and a 3rd to help heap up points for the team and Beatrice’s powerful individual races with particularly good dive and turn in 50m freestyle.

Portland swimmers held their own to finish 4th on the night and guaranteed a 3rd place finish overall in this year’s League.

Well done swimmers and thank-you to everyone who helped. It was a marvellous evening of swimming and fun.

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