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For members wanting to take part in Open Meets, we have identified some up-coming galas that would be ideal for Portland SC swimmers to take part in before the Christmas break. (Remember swimmers need to be 9 or over)

We have just received information for three of them and for one of them (Major Oak) we don’t have much time to get the entries in.

These are:


November 11th – Long Eaton Distance Open Meet.

  • Entries in by Friday 19th October


November 11th - Falcon Sprint Meet

  • Entries in by Friday 28th September


November 17th and 18th; - Major Oak Open Meet

  • Entries in by Friday 21st September (THIS FRIDAY)


About the Meets


Long Eaton

This is a long distance event with the shortest distance being 400m Front crawl and 400m Individual Medley (4 lengths of each stroke). This is aimed at a small number of swimmers looking to get County times in these events.

Click HERE to go to the website with entry fees, qualifying times, warm up times, order of events etc.


Falcon Sprint Meet

This is very much open to everyone as it is sprint gala with no qualifying times so is a perfect first Open Meet for swimmers new to Open Meets. The events are over 50m (2 lengths) in any of the four strokes and a 100m Individual Medley (IM – 1 length of each stroke). Swimmers can do as many of the five events as they like!

Entry fees, start times, order of races etc can be found HERE.


Major Oak Open Meet

This is a Level 3 Open Meet where there are qualifying times that swimmers have to be able to achieve to enter that event. There is a real mixture of events over the two days across all strokes and 50m, 100m and 200m distances and is a good event for those trying for County times in specific events.

Please follow THIS LINK to the website with entry fees, qualifying times, warm up times, order of events etc.

If you have any questions or queries about events your child should do then please speak to or email Grant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How to Enter

Dom Misiuda kindly does our entries for us so please email Dom with your entries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please can you make any cheques payable Nottingham Portland SC and hand them or cash in to whoever is taking the register in an envelope with the child’s name, Gala it is for and number of events. Please then let Dom know that you have done that.

No entries will be accepted without payment.

stopwatchHi Everyone,


Our Annual Club Championships are not far away, and planning has already started!


The event details are as follows:


Date Saturday 13th October 2012
Start - End 5.30pm (prompt start) - 8pm
Venue University Pool (with electronic timing)
Swimmers' Entry Fee £4 (to be paid in advance with entry form)



Adults - £1 (to be paid on the door)

Clildren - free


All the information is on the entry form and all entries must be handed in between Monday 24th September and Sunday 7th October (all the details are on the form).


Other Information:

  • The event will be swum ‘Open style with swimmers grouped in ability rather than age. Places will be worked out on the times swum, not on position of finishing in each heat, and in the following age groups: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, 16 & under & Senior, with separate awards for boys & girls.
  • Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each age group at our biggest social event of the year, the Club Presentation evening, which will take place at Edwalton Golf Club on Friday 30th November.
  • Only swimmers handing in Gala entry forms by the 7th October deadline will be allowed to participate, and forms will not be accepted without payment.

How can you Help?

We always need help on the night so please complete the volunteer helper section on the entry form if you are able to.


gift boxRaffle Prize Donations

This year we are going to do something different and have four colour coded baskets as raffle prizes.  Each lane will be allocated a colour and we would ask that you donate something of that colour to be made up into the final basket. This can be food, gifts, stationary, clothing, games (the limit is your imagination!) raffle donations can come in from now and if you can leave them with the person doing the register or hand them directly to me that would be great.

Lanes 1 & 8 Red

Lanes 2 & 7 White

Lanes 3 & 5 Blue

Lanes 4 & 6 Purple


Many Thanks and we look forward to what I am sure will be a great event.

Thanks Jo

As a Club we are keen to encourage older swimmers to get involved and therefore run Seniors/Masters swimming sessions.

There is a coached training session on Fridays, 7pm to 8pm, at the Portland Centre which is open to swimmers aged 16 and over, who are keen to improve general fitness or speed and would value some advice on technique. The session caters for swimmers who are able to swim at least 200 metres with a reasonable technique on three of the four main strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly).

The training is written on a whiteboard for swimmers to follow, with squad coaches on hand to advise, and can be adapted to the needs of swimmers who attend regularly. The sessions, typically covering 1,800 metres, consist of a warm-up, a main set focussing on particular strokes which differ from week to week and a swim-down. Swimmers therefore have the chance to improve technique and fitness levels on all four main strokes over time.

The main aim of our Masters Session is to provide a good workout and a varied, structured swimming programme. You also have the advantage of being able to ask the coach for tips on particular strokes.

You will probably enjoy our Masters Sessions most if you swim regularly, but would like to get fitter and/or improve technique; or you are an ex-club swimmer who wants something more than a public session can offer; or you are a triathlete looking for a bit more swim content in your training.

These sessions are open to visitors and members alike and are charged on a turn-up-and-pay basis, currently £5. As a visitor, you can swim at three sessions, after which you will need to become a member (£20 annual membership fee) to ensure you are covered by insurance. As a member, you would also be able to swim at an un-coached session (no set provided) on Sundays, 8pm to 9pm, at the Nottingham University Pool, cost £5.

If you are unsure, we are happy for you to come along and view a session first and maybe chat with the coaches or any Committee Members in attendance.

We are a friendly bunch who are passionate about swimming and would love to see you.

gala photos soonAt this year's Summer Gala one of the parents, James McGarva kindly took photos of swimmers during their races and of the medal winners.

Since James managed to get photos of every swimmer, we thought it would be nice to offer parents the rare opportunity of purchasing a CD of photos showing their children racing and to raise a bit of money for the Club.

(For information, such photos normally cost over £10 each.)

We will have a laptop set up at the Club Championships so you can see your child(ren)’s photos. If you would like to order a CD, you will need to write your name down and pay the money. We will then create a CD for you with just your child’s(ren’s) images on it. (James did say, as he doesn’t have a special camera and lens, the quality of the photos are a bit mixed, but he did his best!!) We will also have a club photo on display and, if you would like one of those, you can order a print of that too.

Note: The Club Champs is always busy and we need to keep to time so will accommodate this as best we can on the night. If we need to we can add an alternative opportunity as well we will do.
Prices as follows:

  • Club Photo (6" x 4" or 5" x 7") - £2.00
  • CD with images on - £5 for one child, £7.50 for all children in the family

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