County and Midland championships

Annual championships are held at both County and Midland District levels and are subject to achieving qualifying times. County Championships are held in January and February and entry information is issued in the autumn of the previous year.  Midland District and National competitions take place over the remainder of the year.

To enter the County and Midland District Championships qualifying times must be achieved in a licensed meet since the start of the preceding year.

(Click Here) for the 2017 County Qualifying Times (CQT) and for information on the permitted events based on gender and age.

To compete at County or Midlands level swimmers must be registered as Category 2 swimmers with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).  The Membership Secretary will make the necessary changes and is usually advised by the Coaching Team.

Times achieved at the County Champs or district competitions are entered into the BAGCAT scoring system, which the ASA uses to determine the overall winners for that competition. The scoring takes into account the swimmers’ overall development and their skills across all strokes for their particular age group, in the following categories:

  • Sprint (50m);
  • Form Stroke (Breast, Back, Fly);
  • Distance (Free 200m+);
  • IM
  • 100’s (11yrs & over for girls and 12yrs & over boys)

Note: Swimmers do not have to have CQT in all the events; they simply compete in the events they do have CQT’s. The BAGCAT scoring system will show the swimmer where they are ranked against other swimmers in the county per event.

Entering several events a category can be an advantage because of illness or a potential DQ that could occur during the championships, but is not essential. Only the highest FINA points per event in each category will be taken and added together to rank the individual for the overall category.

The 100m IM is only applicable to the County and District events stages in a short course (25m) pool; as the Midlands competition is held in a 50M pool only 200m and 400m IM’s can be conducted.

The likely winner of the counties and district competitions will have swum all four strokes in the categories (Sprint, Form Stroke, Distance, IM).

ALL young swimmers should be working hard to achieve an award in BAGCAT events.

The Counties competition will also be used by the Nottinghamshire County Squad (NOVA Centurion) as a talent spotting competition.

Swimmers are awarded points for their performances within the Sprint, Form, Distance and Medley categories. Times swum are scored using the FINA points system and the best scores from each category are then added together to give the overall points total. The BAGCAT awards are in single year age groups and the top TEN swimmers in each age receive a trophy.

Top Boy / Top Girl Trophies:

These are presented to the boy and girl who scores the most points based on finishing positions 6,5,4,3,2,1 on all swims completed in the Championships. These points are allocated based on the Heat Drawn Winner (HDW) age groups or finals as appropriate. For more information, as and when Nottinghamshire ASA updates its website Click Here.

FINA Points Table

The FINA Points Table allows comparisons of results among different events. The FINA Points Table assigns point values to swimming performances, more points for world class performances (typically 1000 or more) and fewer points for slower performances.

The base times are defined every year, based on the latest World Record that was approved by FINA. For short course (SCM) 25m pools the base times are defined with the cut-off date of August 31st. For long course (LCM) 50m pools the base times are defined at the end of the year (December 31st).

FINA points system is a way of comparing different events against a scoring system so not to benefit swimmers with preferred events.

Boys 25m short course FINA points Table (Click Here)

Girls 25m short course FINA points Table (Click Here)

(Click Here) For FINA Points calculator and converted times per event for long course and short course 50m-25m respectively.

For more information go to:

Nottinghamshire ASA

Notts ASA County Championships

2017 (CQT) County Qualifying Times

Midland and District Information  

FINA Points

Long Course – Short Course time converter

Also very useful is a converter for short course to long course times, both ways: (Click here) for conforming converter. Note you must use the ASA Tables conversion . Also on this website you can convert your PB times to FINA points.

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