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In line with ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) recommendations, clubs should have people acting as spotters during training sessions, in addition to coaches and lifeguards, for the purpose of general child safety.

The spotter’s role is:

  • to observe training sessions and spot anything a coach might not have seen but may need to be made aware of, essentially acting as an extra pair of eyes from the Spectator Gallery, with one person poolside to check swimmers return from the toilets;
  • to support the coach if incidents or accidents occur;
  • to assist where necessary to ensure the coach does not have to leave poolside, e.g. fetch leisure centre staff, floats, etc., if requested.

If you are able to stay during one of your child(ren)’s regular training sessions please support the club by offering to become a spotter, as this will help to keep all our children safe. If you feel you can help or you require more information please e-mail Tracy Cruickshank at [email protected].


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