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gala photos soonAt this year’s Summer Gala one of the parents, James McGarva kindly took photos of swimmers during their races and of the medal winners.

Since James managed to get photos of every swimmer, we thought it would be nice to offer parents the rare opportunity of purchasing a CD of photos showing their children racing and to raise a bit of money for the Club.

(For information, such photos normally cost over £10 each.)

We will have a laptop set up at the Club Championships so you can see your child(ren)’s photos. If you would like to order a CD, you will need to write your name down and pay the money. We will then create a CD for you with just your child’s(ren’s) images on it. (James did say, as he doesn’t have a special camera and lens, the quality of the photos are a bit mixed, but he did his best!!) We will also have a club photo on display and, if you would like one of those, you can order a print of that too.

Note: The Club Champs is always busy and we need to keep to time so will accommodate this as best we can on the night. If we need to we can add an alternative opportunity as well we will do.
Prices as follows:

  • Club Photo (6″ x 4″ or 5″ x 7″) – £2.00
  • CD with images on – £5 for one child, £7.50 for all children in the family

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