Sponsored Endurance Training Challenge


Week commencing the 18th of February

swimming-with-contact-lenses-21Portland swimming club is a members swimming club with volunteers running the coaching, judging, timekeeping and administration roles. Funds are only generated from sponsorship, fundraising and the members’ monthly/annual fees, with a small contribution from the Masters swimming lanes.

This year we are committed to raising funds to be able to add an extra 1 hour training session, ideally on Monday nights. This will benefit all the swimmers, whichever squad they are training with, as any extra pool time will be allocated evenly across the squads. It will cost the club approximately £2500 to fund an additional hour including the lifeguarding charges.

People probably don’t realise the amount of training that our children do in the pool per week, therefore we would like to take the opportunity to get our swimmers involved in fun fundraising which is linked to their training regime. It will give the swimmers a chance to explain to family and friends how swimming benefits them, keeps them fit and will also allow them to talk about their swimming achievement and future goals.

In the forthcoming week Sponsorship forms will be handed out to the swimmers. Can all parents please support them in this fund raising activity, as by helping them you help the club which in turn will benefit all our members. Swimmers from the same family can combine their sponsorship forms if they wish to do so.

The Endurance challenge has been set based on the Swimmer’s training lane.

 SS table

Swimmers not wanting to take part in the sponsorship opportunity will just swim as above during that week of training.  Certificates will be awarded to all swimmers who get involved in raisig sponsorship and for taking part.

Portland swimming club would like to thank all the swimmers and parents for taking part in this fund raising activity.

Each swimmer will receive their own personalised Sponsor form at the end of January,

If you lose your form or require additional sponsor forms please see below;

Performance Squad;

Lane 1 (Click Here)

Lanes 2 and 3 (Click Here)

Lane 4 (Click Here)

Development Squad;

Lane 1 (Click Here)

Lanes 2 and 3 (Click Here)

Lane 4 (Click Here)












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