Eat and drink your way to success


Eating well throughout the day has a big impact on your swimming both in training and at a competition. 

Ever had those sessions where you just have nothing left in the tank to get you through? Losing focus quicker than usual whilst training? Forget how many lengths you’ve done on a big set? 

Good food and hydration (water) could be the solution. 

The charts below, featured on the Swim with Science website, (thank you Glenn!) show that eating well doesn’t just fill you with energy, it affects your brain’s function, your mood, how confident you are and the time it takes to recover from training. 

Don’t believe us, try it for yourself. 

Turn up to training having eaten less than usual and not having had much to drink. See how you get on. The next session following it, eat well during the day and keep a water bottle with you at all times, sipping constantly and see how you perform that evening. 

Bad Nutrition Good Nutrition

See the difference for yourself.

Give yourself the edge by giving your body what it needs! 

What have you done today to get ahead of the competition?


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