Club Captain Job Description



Responsible to:

  • Head Coach
  • Nottingham Portland Swimming Club Committee

Skills required

  • An excellent communicator
  • Have knowledge of the Club and athletes
  • Able to seek and communicate the views of others

Main duties

A good Club Captain:

  • can be approached by all athletes to talk about any comments they may have
  • attends Club committee meetings, when invited, and represents the views of the athletes
  • is a positive role model for all members of the Club
  • communicates with fellow team members and provides support and advice where needed
  • encourages Club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities
  • welcomes new members to the Club

Be a role model to the Club

  1. Always be on time or even early for meetings, training or events.
  2. Offer to help and support others e.g. helping to set up lane ropes, help other volunteers at events, help swimmers with questions or queries.
  3. Find time to speak and hear the views of others at the Club e.g. speaking to a squad/group of younger athletes to let them know who you are and find out what their needs are at the Club.
  4. Be positive and constructive in your views. In raising ideas and suggestions to the Club committee or others, always try and focus on the positives and the outcomes of the point you are trying to make

How to become a Club Captain:

If the role of Club Captain is one you would wish to undertake, show the following qualities within your swimming and you could be up for nomination:

1. Attendance

2. Commitment

3. Dedication

4. Loyalty to the Team

5. Respect to the coaches and team mates

6. Punctuality to training

7. Commitment to training and test sets

8. Dedication to the competition & Training Programme

Any further questions on the role, please speak to the Head Coach.


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