Sports Centre League Gala Sat 27th April




Sports Centre League Gala, Round 3
Water Meadows, Mansfield
Saturday 27th April

Left out in the cold, queuing at the back entrance of Water Meadows, swimmers and parents alike were looking forward to the warm-up, for the swimmers to loosen limbs and stimulate blood flow, but literally for the parents, simply to defrost.

The first events of this Sports Centre Round 3 gala were the boys and girls 15 years and under (15/u) 100m IM. Jack Harmer always starts us off on a positive note and very positive it was: 1st place. Dahlia Brinklow set a PB in the girls’ event to claim 4th.
In the 13/u 100m backstroke Ben Hardy’s effective underwater start got him a PB and the team a 3rd. Jade Kennerell’s great `dip’ finish ensured a 3rd place too.
Alex Hammond’s dive catapulted him into the lead of the Open 100m butterfly and on to a win. Emma Horne finished in 5th with a 3 second PB.
Good freestyle swims by Dylan Hughes, Freya McGarva, Raj Malhi and Cecily Kay’s fabulous last length made for an exciting 4th place finish in the first 9/u relay of the night.
Archie Symes’ fast and furious 11/u 50m backstroke landed him a 2nd place and a PB. Olivia Misiuda followed up with 5th place for the girls, gaining 2 valuable points for the team.
Luke Farnsworth, who lead till the last turn in the 15/u 100m breaststroke, was only just beaten into 2nd but bagged a PB; Jade, a fantastically strong finisher, raced from 4th to touch 2nd.
Ryan Pigott, knocking another second off his time, delivered a powerful 50m butterfly swim in the 13/u category to take 2nd place. Esther Simmons, in 5th, also surpassed her previous best.
Alex H, demonstrating another impressive dive, won again and Jess Harvey was just pipped at the post into 2nd in the Open 100m IM.
Guy Farnsworth was 4th in the 11/u 50m breaststroke; Holly McGarva dived immediately into the lead and commandingly stretched away for an easy 1st.
Jack reached new heights in the 15/u 50m fly, taking his time under 30 seconds and getting another 1st for the Club. Dahlia swam a great last 25m to achieve 3rd.
Both Mikey Pawluk and Esther, each with formidable finishes, took 2nd in 13/u 100m breaststroke.
In the Open 100m freestyle Head Coach Grant Robe lead by example, maintaining 1st place the whole way, not fading and not breathing on the last length. Living up to the Club mission statement, Grant gave his all and so was thankful for the timekeeper’s chair afterwards! Hoping for a top three spot overall, Lauren Murphy’s 4th meant 3 more crucial points.
Solid performances in the 9/u medley relay by Dylan (backstroke), Freya and Raj (both breaststroke) and Cecily (freestyle) secured another 4th for our youngsters.
Displaying a textbook start, last to come up but in front, Jack eased away to win the 15/u 100m backstroke; Lizzie Mulligan, only just outside her PB, had a convincing swim and finished 4th.
Guy and Alice Mulligan had incredibly close races, both finished 3rd in 11/u 50m freestyle; Alice with an excellent last 25m giving her a 1½ second PB.
With an amazing first length butterfly and faster than ever time, Ryan finished 2nd in 13/u 100IM – PBs seem inevitable at the moment – how do you do it Ryan?! Dahlia followed with a fantastic 1st.
In the Open 100m backstroke two competitors hung on for the first half, but then Jack stepped up a gear to ensure a 1st. Jess glided in for the girls in 3rd.
In 15/u 100m freestyle Luke powered to the board, just off a PB time, in 5th. Amelia Tsolakis battled all the way with a Mansfield swimmer in the neighbouring Lane to grab precious 4th place points.  Very precious – after 34 races we were lying a mere 2 points behind the leaders, Sutton.
In the 11/u 50m butterfly Guy produced another strong finish to take 4th and Jamie Misiuda released the explosive energy of a coiled-up spring to seize 3rd place.
A new best time and 2nd place in 13/u 100m freestyle suggested Mikey is getting to grips with the post-injury technique he’s adopted. Yet another first-rate gliding finish moved Jade up to 4th.
In two very tight Open 100m breaststroke races Alex Donington took 2nd for the boys and, after a fabulous dive, Emma fought neck and neck to acquire 3rd.
The end was near. It was time for the remaining relays:
• 11 & 13 years medleys – Archie, Guy, Ryan and Mikey were pushed into 3rd by only the slightest of margins. Jamie, Holly, Dahlia and Jade, whose tremendous last leg killed off the competition, took 1st.
• 15/Open medleys – the boys had a commanding win with Jack putting them in front, then Luke, Alex H and Grant successively extending the lead. For the girls, Lizzie, Emma, Lauren and Jess came home in 2nd.
• Finally, the mighty cannon – 20 of our swimmers competed, including a storming 11½ second `that’s mental!’ (parent quote) length by Grant.
It was announced that Nottingham Portland SC was second in the gala – a wonderful achievement.
A big `thank-you’ to all the swimmers and poolside helpers. Well done! without you we could not run the galas.


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