Sports Centre League – 23rd November 2013


hucknall lcTime to shake off the cobwebs from the night before, there was serious swimming to be done! This was the final round of the Sports Centre League, with a trophy to be won by Sutton or Kimberley Swimming Clubs and a few PBs to be won by Portland Swimming Club.

16 in fact in total! So here goes: Michael (100m IM), Mikey (100m backstroke); Dahlia (100m & 50m butterfly & 100m freestyle), Stanley (50m backstroke), Angelina D (50m backstroke & 50m breaststroke), Edward (100m breaststroke & backstroke), Maddie (100m breaststroke), Rebecca (100m IM & 100m freestyle), Olivia (100m breaststroke & backstroke), Hannah (100m freestyle).

Special mentions:

Raj for following in the footsteps of our Club Captain and hardly breathing over his 25m leg of the freestyle relay AND for his first dive off the blocks – you would never have known though, a real pro.

Stanley and Angelina D for amazing underwater work during their 50m backstroke events – 11/u showing us the way!

Dahlia for an excruciatingly exhausting 100m fly – the PB (one of 3) made it just about worth it!

Edward for stepping up to the mark against some serious opposition – most of whom were twice his size!

Mikey for a masterclass on the 100m breaststroke which resulted in a nail-biting finish with a first place on the touch – the moral of this story…swim to the end!

Ben and Angelina G, the comeback kids, for really strong legs in the mixed relay.

Beatrice for a very classy 50m freestyle.

Jaime for visibly reeling in the opposition in the medley relay.

Olivia for stepping up to swim in the Open 100m backstroke against some very big opposition!

Swims of the night: Rebecca and Hannah for fabulous 3rd places in their Open events (100m IM and 100m freestyle respectively) – not bad for 13 years old!

Portland finished 4th on the night and 3rd overall which is a very fine result indeed – remember some of the opposition are clubs 4 times the size of ours. Well done to all the swimmers who helped over the series – you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

Thank you also to anyone and everyone who helped out on poolside or behind the scenes – they could not do this without you.

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