JC Dobb – 19 July 2014


swim boysNever mind Splendour, more like ‘splendid’! Some great teamwork resulted in 13 PBs and 4 NTs (new times) plus some outstanding swims from swimmers swimming out of age group at Hucknall Leisure Centre on Saturday 19th July.

Particularly noticeable was how much better our starts and finishes were, so well done swimmers for remembering all that training.

PBs for: Angelina (50m backstroke); Edward (50m backstroke); Louis (50m breaststroke); Michael (50m breaststroke); Kathy (50m breaststroke & 50m freestyle); Fran (25m freestyle); Dylan (50m freestyle); Connor (50m freestyle & 50m butterfly); Ethan (50m backstroke); Olivia (50m freestyle & 50m backstroke).

NTs for: Beth (50m breaststroke & 50m butterfly); Ruby (25m backstroke); Fin (25m breaststroke).

1st or 2nd places for: Michael, Kathy, Dylan, Beth, Connor, Gaby, Olivia, Jaime, Angelina, Girls Open Freestyle Relay team.

Special mentions:

Fin for his cool, calm attitude which is so helpful for the Team Managers.

Edward for a very classy 50m backstroke.

Mai for a storming leg in the freestyle relay.

Liam for superb underwater work in his leg of the freestyle relay.

Beth for strong performances all evening.

Kathy for finally finding her freestyle legs!

Gaby for not only coming 2nd in the 14/u butterfly, at the age of only 11 – but for doing it with her goggles half way down her face!

Esther and Ellen for fantastic swims out of age group in the Open relay.

Briony for a great 50m butterfly – and a PB!

Will for remembering to put his goggles on every time!!!

Connor for his excellent leadership as Team Captain.

Swim of the evening though for Jaime who not only swam the Open butterfly at the tender age of 12 – but won it!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported Portland to host our round which turned out to be an extremely smoothly-run evening.

Results can be found in Swimmers’ Corner under Gala News.


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