JC Dobb – 6 September 2014


hucknall lc‘Take your marks…’ and we were off for the Autumn series of the JC Dobb galas. With a competitive team of young veterans, ‘old’ veterans, young and old newbies, we were ready for the challenge at Hucknall Leisure Centre against teams from Sutton, Kimberley, Hucknall, Radford and Ilkeston.

As usual there were a whole bunch of PBs and some new times set and, of course, a plethora of outstanding performances.

PBs for: Edward (50m backstroke); Grace (50m breaststroke); Ruby (25m backstroke); Sam (7 seconds off his 50m breaststroke and 3 seconds off his 50m freestyle!); Angelina G (5 seconds off her 25m freestyle!); Erin (50m fly); Michael P (50m fly); Anna (25m breaststroke); Raj (25m breaststroke); Maddie H (5 seconds off her 50m freestyle!).

New times for: Ben (25m backstroke); Lucian (25m freestyle); Tilly (50m backstroke & freestyle).

1st or 2nd places for: Ben (25m backstroke & 25m fly); Chloe (50m backstroke); Andrew (50m breaststroke & 50m fly); 14/u mixed medley relay team (Chloe, Edward, Michael, Mia); Connor (50m freestyle); Raj (25m breaststroke) & 14/u freestyle relay team (Chloe, Maddie, Mia and Beatrice).

Special mentions:

Maddie and Lucian – Portland first timers but you would never have known!

Grace and Annabelle – for stunning breaststroke technique.

Beatrice, Erin, Grace and Tilly (Girls 12/u freestyle relay team) – for the most amazing fighting spirit.

Mai – for swimming with a smile! (She really did!)

Angelina – for a gritty 25m freestyle, all the way to the end.

Erin – for an awesome 50m fly. When asked if she was ready she replied with a very nervous ‘no’ but then literally ‘flew’ out of her skin and posted a PB to boot!

Beatrice – for another strong swim against swimmers 3 years older!

Stanley – for the biggest splash on start (thanks for the shower Stanley!)

Chloe – for a strong first leg of the Girls 14/u freestyle relay, despite losing her goggles.

Fraser, Finlay, Liesje, Mai (8/9 relay team) – they may be our youngest swimmers but what pros!

Tim – for a great relay leg, despite another goggle malfunction!

Swims of the night to Sam who not only had some excellent individual performances resulting in huge PBs but also swam an outstanding leg in the freestyle relay.

Thanks also to ‘Capt’n Connor’ for setting the example and giving wise words of advice all evening to his team.

5th on the night and a great start to the campaign. Thanks to all the backroom staff as always.

Log in and go to Swimmers’ Corner for full results.


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