JC Dobb – 4 October 2014


underwater-entryBramcote brimmed with Portland PBs on Saturday 4 October at the second gala of the Autumn JC Dobb season, as our swimmers produced a team effort to be very proud of.

Two thirds of all individual races culminated in PBs. These were achieved by:

Edward 50m backstroke; Grace 50m breaststroke; Phoebe 25m backstroke (2.5s); Dylan 25m backstroke (almost 4s!); Sam 50m breaststroke & 50m butterfly (12s!!); Connor 50m breaststroke & 50m freestyle; Lucian 25m freestyle; Angelina 50m butterfly (9s!) & 50m backstroke; Gabriel 50m butterfly (3s) & 50m backstroke; Maddie 50m butterfly (2s); Beatrice 50m butterfly; Raj 25m breaststroke & 25m butterfly; Mia 50m freestyle; Will 50m freestyle; Dan 50m freestyle (6s!!). Anna set a good New Time in 25m freestyle.

There were marvellous relay displays from Open freestyle Girls – Hannah, Ellen, Maddie and Amy streamlining to 2nd place; from the 14/U freestyle relay teams for 2nd place finishes by the Boys (Edward, Sam, Gabriel and Will) and Girls (Chloe, Angelina, Mia and Beatrice), plus a fabulous 1st for the 14/U mixed medley team (Chloe, Will, Sam and Mia). As we’ve come to expect, our 8 & 9 year old relayers swam with gusto – Ava, Finlay, Mai and, first time gala swimmer, Alice. Solid and plucky relay performances were given by Louis, Dominique, Tilly and Tarun.

More mentions:

Chloe began the individual events in the best possible way with a win in 50m backstroke, followed up with a fine backstroke leg for 1st place as part of the 14/U mixed medley relay;

Edward, as well as achieving a PB and 3rd place in 50m backstroke, at 13 years old helped the Open freestyle relay team to 3rd;

Beatrice who, as an 11 year old, competed in 14/U 50m butterfly, getting a PB, and swam up in the 14/U freestyle relay too;

Raj finished 1st and 2nd in 25m breaststroke and 25m butterfly respectively, PB’ing in both;

Mia’s 50m freestyle PB was long-awaited and well deserved;

Connor got three 2nd place finishes and 2 PBs, clocking 29s dead in 50m freestyle;

Gabriel not only got 2 PBs, but one of them was for a race he was never down to do: the lane was to be left empty, nobody wanted to do it. Not on your nelly! Gabriel wasn’t having any of that. Up he stepped … a 3s PB, job done.

Angelina swam 2 PBs to touch 1st in 50m butterfly and was officially Too Fast in 50m backstroke; most importantly she gave great team support all evening, especially to some of our younger swimmers – thank you.

We came 5th on the night, enjoyed some great racing. You swimmers are brilliant! Thanks to all the helpers!

We’ll be back at Bramcote Leisure Centre soon for the Club Champs. See you there!

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