Mini Gala – 5 November 2014


MiniGala fireworksALL CHANGE!

Head Coach, Dan, determined that Technical Development Squad had come on so much in recent times that one length in each stroke at Mini Galas was JUST NOT ENOUGH!

So, for this Mini Gala and from hereon in, the distances to be swum would remain one length of Portland Baths pool for Butterfly, but extend to two lengths for Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.

We didn’t need to stand out in the cold and dark to see fireworks – there were rockets and shooting stars in the pool this Bonfire Night!

Some sparklers to remember:


Fastest Butterfly-ers were Charlotte, Cerys, Dan, Ella and Dominique.

A 11 second PB was gained by Anna B, 10 second PBs were achieved by Austin and Chelsea; nearly 9 second PBs by Dan and Alice, 8 seconds by Liam and Fran, 7 seconds by Ned, Ruby, Liesje and Annabel.

Times for all other strokes were records for everyone due to the newly introduced distance of 66 yards (60.35 metres!), so no overall improvement comparisons on this occasion, but the top 5 swimmers in each stroke were:


Quickest over 2 lengths of backstroke were Ned, Austin, Isabella, Angelina and Alice.


Nippiest at breaststroke were Ella, Raj, Ned, Angelina and Fran.


Swiftest freestylers were Dan, Ned, Angelina, Charlotte and Freya.


Top 5 fastest combined times over all 4 strokes were by Ned, Angelina, Ella, Charlotte and Austin, but Fran, Dan and Raj were hot on their heels.

Well done to new Portland members for taking part in the Mini Gala during their first week at the Club – Cerys (2nd fastest Butterflier!!), Ella (fastest breaststroker!), Archie, Matilda, Grace and Lucy.

All 31 swimmers put in fantastic performances to provide a show better than a fireworks display any day!

Many thanks to all the parents who came to support; BIG, JUMBO thanks to Mary, Ginny, Tim and Guy for running the event and, of course, `THANK-YOU!’ to the swimmers.

Log in and go to Swimmers’ Corner Gala News for full results.


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