Morrisons Bag Pack 2016




Your hard work, helping shoppers in Morrisons on Saturday 9th January, raised


An unbelievably huge sum!

You did a fantastic job!

You have helped to raise enough money to train either 2 new Level 1 coaches or pay for a Level 2 course for an existing coach. Your Club is very grateful to you and extremely proud of you.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Adam, Angelina G, Anna, Austin, Ava, Bea, Beth, Charlotte, Chelsea, Chloe, Connor, Dahlia, Edward, Ellen, Emma H, Emma W, Erin, Finlay, Fran, Fraser, Freya, Gaby, Isabella, Isabelle, Jess, Judd, Kate, Kathy, Lucian, Lucy T, Lucy W, Maddie, Matthew, Mia, Michael, Millie, Rebecca, Rose, Rowyn, Ruby, Stanley, Tilly and Will.

Below are some photo memories from the day.

Morrisons1 Morrisons2  Morrisons3 Morrisons4 Morrisons5 Morrisons6 Morrisons7 Morrisons8 Morrisons9 Morrisons10 Morrisons11 Morrisons12 Morrisons13 Morrisons14 Morrisons15 Morrisons16 Morrisons17 Morrisons18 Morrisons19 Morrisons20 Morrisons21 Morrisons22 Morrisons23 Morrisons24 Morrisons25 Morrisons26



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