Mini Galas


What is a Mini Gala?

Mini Galas provide Technical Development Squad swimmers with the opportunity to see how much they have improved through training over the course of a few months and they also provide a platform for non-gala swimmers to show the Team Selection Manager what they can do.

Where and when do they take place?

Mini Galas take place once every couple of months at the 30m Portland pool during one the normal training sessions.
Dates are communicated via email.

Mini Gala format

Swimmers are roughly organised into ability groups at the outset. They then race one length of the pool in all four strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly).


Awards are presented on the night to the 3 swimmers achieving the highest Total Improvement Score, which is determined by adding together the percentage improvement in each of the four strokes (times are compared with previous Mini Gala performance), i.e. the Total Improvement Score does NOT represent an ‘average’ improvement across the strokes.

For example, a Total Improvement Score of 70% would be awarded to a swimmer achieving a 30% improvement in fly, 20% in breaststroke, 15% in backstroke and 5% in freestyle.

Clearly it is important for new members that have not competed in a Mini Gala before to register a benchmark score at their first Mini Gala to be in with a chance of winning a prize at subsequent Mini Galas.

Entry requirements

We encourage all youngsters to participate in these events.

No pre-registration is required, swimmers just need to turn up on the night, 10 minutes before the start of the session to be changed at poolside, at the latest, 5 minutes before the Mini Gala is due to begin.

A prompt start is essential as we have limited pool time to run the event. On arrival, swimmers need to be organised into appropriate groups and latecomers can severely disrupt the proceedings.



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