Annual Awards & Party Night 2014


What a party!

Thanks to all you swimmers who came along and made the Awards Evening such a good night. The way you recognize each other’s achievements and have a good time celebrating is fantastic. The food, the dancing and the fun made it extra special.

David (Chairman of the Club and Coach) was our compere and Ben (Coach) had the honour of presenting the awards to the swimmers.


The first thing they did was hand out Club Championship certificates and trophies (for top five) to boys and girls in age groups: 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, 16 & under and Senior. 

Awards ageCats

Then it was time for what we call the perennial awards – trophies given to swimmers for specific achievements over the the last year; trophies which are passed on each year and so have a history connected to them, as can be seen by the long list of swimmers’ names engraved on them.

Perennial trophies



Next the new captains were announced:

Connor Cruickshank – Club Captain

Emma Horne – Girls Team Captain

Michael Pawluk – Boys Team Captain

All three will no doubt be excellent role models, so, swimmers, if ever you are not sure about anything to do with swimming, go and have a chat with them – they are very friendly!

After thanking our hard-working, wonderful coaches, it was food time! Then quiz time! Then disco!!

DJ Nigel’s music choices seemed popular – the floor was full. If we had to give a trophy for dancing, it would have to have gone to Connor, Michael, Edward and Ben. Not only did they start it all off, but they kept dancing to the very end.


Many will have taken home special memories from the night, some managed to bag some balloons too!


The date has been set for the next Annual Awards & Party Night – Friday 27th November 2015. Put it in your diary!

Click here for the full list of nominees and winners of the perennial awards.

Click here for photos of those who were there on the night to collect their certificates and trophies. 


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