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Swimming clubs couldn’t operate if it wasn’t for their amazing volunteers and we are no exception. Many parents will have helped out from time to time at league or club galas or with our training sessions. . We have been very lucky to  even have some qualified swimming teachers as parents too!   

We have also always encouraged our older swimmers to help out at sessions. This can be a really rewarding experience for them and the club has supported them to gain the level one swimming coach qualification by paying for the qualification. Several of our swimmers and former swimmers have taken this opportunity to develop a career in swimming, or to use it as a way to earn some extra money through swim schools while at school and University.

Our current crop of older swimmers are likely to be spending less time with us from late spring next year as they prepare for exams and as a result we are now looking for new volunteers to take the level one coaching qualification.  Volunteers can be swimmers or parents, and there is no need to have any previous experience or coaching or indeed swimming for that matter. Level one coaches will always have a level two coach running the session and you would typically be looking after one of the lanes with the younger children.

To find out more about the specific roles that are available, please click on these links

Poolside Helpers

Parent liaison officer

Club volunteer coordinator

Fundraising officer


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